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Herr D

ETS: Djinn And Tony, Part 13

Mike narrowed his eyes. “Another author? No big deal. Tell me something IMPRESSIVE.”
The Shadow closed his eyes for the burn he was about to receive. “He specializes in graphic novels where dead characters get resurrected or haunt the living, and he currently has a bestseller out where writers are all Mafia and get ‘whacked’ for not following instructions. His business card is in my left shoe.” He felt his left shoe being yanked off and opened his eyes. Mike stared in terror at the business card. He staggered back to a recliner. The Shadow nodded. “By my count you’ve killed about eighty heroes and eighty villains, give or take. You’ve GOTTEN another two hundred people killed, if you count the mundanes, and that’s just in the two years I’ve known you. I’ll be happy to come back to haunt you. Go ahead and kill me.” He shut his eyes again.