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Herr D

Mike stared at him for a moment. “But?”
“Your troubles won’t end there. You might not believe I’m a djinn or a demon, but you’ve read my file. I DO. And you gave me access to your true name!”
“That’s absurd.”
“It doesn’t matter that it’s absurd. I believe it. Therefore, your true name enabled me to get power over you.”
“You mean, you looked up some information about me? I’ve never even been suspected of a crime. There is no evidence of me committing crime able to be removed from this building. There is no power to be HAD over me.”
The Shadow smiled even wider, picturing blissfully telling a customer he hadn’t enough change from a fifty. “It took me a while to figure out why you can always deal with whatever happens. Defeat ANYBODY. At first, comic book author doesn’t seem that—impressive.
But when people stopped reading so many comic books, since so many things that used to be amazing now just—aren’t . . . you still have the advantage of knowing from the insignia a person has on their chest what they’ll do next. How they’ll try to attack. Where they tend to stand in a room or an alleyway. It’s your level of experience with the field. That was the key to knowing how to get the upper hand.”