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Herr D

“I had no idea the simple life could sound so appealing. You don’t even want to be in villain work OR hero work anymore?”
“No. I want to be free of all of it. To go straight. I might even join a church someday.”
Tony sat back. “So you trick someone into doing it.”
“There’s a problem with that. The only one who knows where it is IS the Leader. A fearsome man with the capacity to end every villain and every hero in the city. Maybe more.”
Tony snorted. “There will always be heroes and villains here. How fearsome could he be?”
“It took me a while to understand how he got this way. He knows how to kill everyone and everything I’ve seen him interact with. It’s terrifying to watch him wade through the gore. Do you know he has OCTOPUS on his cleaning crew? He took out seven heroes just last night, and no one even knew because Octopus and the others are so fast.”
“Which seven?” Tony was leaning forward, the Shadow thought, just like someone studying a menu full of interesting choices.