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Herr D

ETS: Djinn And Tony, Part 8

“Stop right there.”
The team of heroes looked confused. This was an ordinary man in front of them? He wore business casual and had a dour expression on his face.
Foldout shook his head. “Who ARE you? I mean, what do we call you?”
The Leader pulled a small pistol out of a pocket and shot Zoom, the only speedster, while he was still stunned at the ordinary-looking person in front of him after all that buildup. “Mike.”
Foldout cringed at Zoom’s blood all over his face. “Just . . . MIKE?!”
Mike, the Leader, nodded. “Yes.” He shot Foldout in the left eye.
Rammit grabbed the gun right out of Mike’s hand. “You shoot people, eh, Mike? That what you do?” He stepped closer and swung.
Mike ducked, “Nope.” He put his back to the wall.
Rammit turned and squared off, measuring the distance with his eyes, carefully. “What do you do, then, MIKE?!” He pawed the floor twice with the outsized running shoe he wore on his right foot. He charged.