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Herr D

ETS: Djinn And Tony, Part 7

“Who did he kill?”
“He killed Snakeeyes, Ropadope, and Juker in ten seconds flat. He killed quite a few others. Octopus is bound to work on his cleaning crew for life. You know how he was with promises.”
“Octopus is alive? He’s been missing for two years!”
“In exchange for his life, he swore to clean up messes for the Leader. He’s working as a night janitor. Closed gig. He works for the Leader’s messes in town and out-of-town stuff only.” The Shadow faltered. “Could you—get between me and the streetlight? It hurts, and I have to get back before I’m missed. Thank you. Portsrow Office Park. M-L Building. Top floor. Watch out for security cameras and traps. Take your time, of course. I want you to succeed.” The Shadow fled. Two shadows paused, slightly away from the streetlight. One of the shadows had horns.