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Herr D

ETS: Djinn And Tony, Part 5

The boy thought a moment. “You could place an ad, maybe?”
The Shadow shook his head. “Quicker than that. You probably don’t know where their lair is, do you? I couldn’t be that lucky.”
The boy squinted, “BAD guys have LAIRS.”
“Maybe a phone number, or a place they hang out? A bar and grill or a donut shop?”
The boy laughed. “That’s POLICE. You don’t know ANYTHING about heroes.”
“You’re right. I don’t. That . . . is why I’m asking you.” The Shadow took a deep breath. At least this wasn’t any worse than explaining things over and over to Granite.
The boy nodded. “They have to know when people are in trouble. They probably listen in at the police station.”
The Shadow nodded. “Thank you. I’ll look there. You may have helped save someone. I hope so. I hope to have a job soon. I hope I get to sell to you. A bright boy.” He faded back out of the light.
The Shadow crossed the city blocks out of view of passersby. He crossed the lighted areas right behind the larger people or slow-moving cars. He found a pile of discarded boxes right near the police station. Tearing out a panel, he took some black, sooty residue from a gas pipe, noting in satisfaction it was only as black as his own carefully tended skin, and wrote a quick sign. “Please meet at 3rd and Main. 2 a.m. Need a hero.” He watched as a homeless man set down his own sign to pick up a penny and swapped it. The homeless man lifted up the new sign without noticing a difference as the Shadow flitted away.