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Herr D

ETS: Djinn And Tony, Part 2

All four of the lackeys looked terrified. Even Troll, who had nothing to lose. It had to be done, though, reasoned the Shadow. And Wrecking Ball MIGHT survive the Leader’s response.
Wrecking Ball trembled—all six hundred pounds of him. He walked as gently as his bulk would allow into the Leader’s room. A few moments passed. There was a muffled ‘whump,’ and a sound like the beginning of a hail storm. The Leader’s door opened. The Leader stood there, tiny pieces of orange shell falling everywhere. The Shadow’s eyebrows went higher and lighter gray. Wrecking Ball was no more. The Leader looked like any ordinary schmuck, not a hero or a villain. Certainly not like he could destroy ANYTHING. He looked like he’d have trouble eating a whole FOOTLONG with relish. The Shadow paused, considering the pun as a way to calm himself. The Shadow didn’t like surprises like the Wrecking Ball dying, but they happened more and more with the Leader. The Leader pulled a pen and a pack of Post-It notes from a pocket. He scribbled for a moment. “You three,” the Leader said, “The Shadow will give you a list of what I want next. See if you can bring me what I need without screwing it up?” He wrote a short list, handed it to the Shadow, and closed his door.