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Thanks for the detailed feedback. 🙂

I love it when I can just look through items and find things that work perfectly in a scene. That was the case with the rocks + water and remembering that there’s a lighthouse, and combining that one swoopy floor thing with the angled rock wall. I would have liked to use companions for random people walking by just to save time, but the only one with the right walking pose was a robot dude and that would not have been appropriate for this feudal seaside town. 😀 So instead I used that guy as a model and put together the elements for the same pose. I did give the guy a head, but it’s not super attractive and you’re right that cropping him keeps the focus more on her.

The shortsword not having a scabbard is actually a detail that ties into her backstory. When she washed up on the island, so did the corpses of some of her crewmates. The first mate (whom she had a crush on) still had his shortsword with him, so that became her weapon of choice and she kept it with her the entire time she was on the island. I guess if I thought harder about it the guy could have still had the scabbard too, but we can just say that by the time she was rescued the scabbard was long gone (and she somehow manages to get around without chopping her leg off 😀 ). This scene is some time after she has returned to civilization, so she may or may not have considered that it might be a good idea to buy a new scabbard. (But now that I’m thinking about it, if I ever play her I should probably remember to do that. 😀 )