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For years now, rumours have been circulating of a mysterious organisation which provided funds, support and training for aspiring young super criminals in return for a percentage f any money they made.

The leader of this group has remained a secret to almost everyone with only the occasional mention of “The Red Lady” to give any kind of clue. What no one really expected though was that the Red Lady is actually Crimson Wraith, who retired her villainous persona over two decades ago. Never having been successfully apprehended by the authorities, Crimson Wraith had managed to keep her real name a secret and when she retired from a life of crime, she managed to build a successful career as an actress.

Not even her nephew, Nightstalker, who was aware of her history as Crimson Wraith, knew that she was still active as the Red Lady. Like everyone else, he believed she had retired decades ago. She had very briefly returned to help find Nightstalker when he became possessed by Entropy but this seemed like a temporary situation.

Only very recently has Nightstalker learned of his aunts status as a secret benefactor for a number of villains when she asked for his help with a matter.  Since then, Crimson Wraith has convinced her nephew to stick around. Nightstalker has no real taste for the criminal lifestyle anymore but he loves his aunt more than anyone else in the world. She is the only family he has left. He will do anything for her…and she knows it.

Crimson Wraith

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