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When The Keeper pulled Entropy free from Gamma Ray, she shattered the spirit of destruction into shards that spread far and wide. Entropy was finally gone but his ability to cause destruction hadn’t ended with his apparent death.

While AEGIS operatives were tasked with finding the shards of Entropy and securely storing them, some shards were found by others. The shards granted power to those who possessed them. Smaller shards granted only a small amount of power but the larger shards granted truly great strength.

Those who sought this strength clamoured to acquire the shards and a number appeared on the black market, making a fortune for those selling them and invariably causing trouble for everyone else.

A number of heroes found themselves in battles with adversaries empowered by shards of Entropy and villains even fought amongst themselves to acquire them in order to boost their own power.

Entropy’s former host, Nightstalker, reemerged too, seemingly determined to track down all the shards of Entropy. Many thought Nightstalker was simply seeking to reacquire the power he once had while Entropy was possessing him but some knew better. Some knew the horrors that Entropy had forced Nightstalker to witness and participate in. Now that he was free of the demon, Nightstalker wanted to ensure that no one ever had to go through the same nightmare. He knew that Entropy destroyed everything he touched and he now wanted nothing more that to eradicate Entropy entirely and now anyone who acquires a shard of Entropy can expect a visit from the man in the shadows.

While most people who know of Nightstalker know him as a villain he walks a middle ground these days. He still associates with known villains because they’re the only community he has ever really been a part of but he mostly has no stomach for their schemes…not unless it helps him in some way.

Nightstalker has recently found himself coming into frequent conflict with Comet. Comet too is searching for the shards of Entropy, feeling an understandable responsibility for the destruction Entropy has caused, and knows Nightstalker is doing the same. He has offered to work with Nightstalker but Nightstalker doesn’t trust the alien in any shape or form and would much rather take the shards that Comet finds from him. This attitude often leads to a conflict with the impulsive Comet but Nightstalker is smart enough to know that he can’t take Comet in a fight so he inevitably flees into the shadows rather than stand his ground.

While he may flee from Comet, he is highly unlikely to run from anyone else who possesses a shard of Entropy and those who use the shards are often found later scared out of their minds and muttering about a nightmare from the shadows.


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