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Samaritan isn’t a superhero in the traditional sense. He has no powers or even a tragic backstory. He’s a nurse who was inspired by the hero Nightingale to put his skills to use helping the many masked heroes who get hurt in the field or anyone who got caught in the crossfire when heroes fought the bad guys.

Initially, Nightingale encouraged Samaritan to stick to his day job for fear that he would get hurt. She at least had super strength and durability to protect herself, should the need arise. Samaritan had none. What he had though, was determination. He wasn’t going to stop helping people.

So Nightingale asked friend and fellow hero Static to build Samaritan a set of armor that would offer him some form of protection. Now Samaritan is much better equipped for his mission and often works directly with Nightingale. They have both earned the respect of many superheroes and even a number of villains who have decreed that the medics are off limits and not to be harmed.

While he may not be as skilled as Nightingale, Samaritan is learning quickly. He may not be a super hero but Samaritan is definitely a hero.Samaritan

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