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Whilst many of the worlds superhumans take up superheroics as a way to put their powers to use for the good of others (or for their own personal gain in the case of supercriminals), a large number of superhumans just want to live normal lives. And most do. But not all. Any number of superhumans have powers that are either too dangerous or too obvious to allow them to lead normal lives. Some even have powers that actively damages themselves. These superhumans are often shunned by society, but fortunately there is a place for them. When the legendary superhero The Watchman retired from his life of crime fighting, he set up a sanctuary for outcasts superhumans, a place where they could look after each other and keep themselves safe from the outside world, known as The Hideaway.

The Hideaway “leaders” (LtR):
Alex Cole (formerly Strong Girl)
Todd Rouge
Danielle Radon
Carl Barrett (formerly The Watchman)
Thomas Nailer
Amanda Swift

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