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Herr D

Part of the Minotaur story not focused upon in legend:  An angry King Minos, on discovering his wife had cheated on him with the Cretan Bull, smashed the wooden cow she’d had made for the ‘event’ and bloodied her with a savage beating. Legends do say the Minotaur had an appetite for blood, but do not agree on where it learned to consume it. With mother’s milk would be one way, certainly. Perhaps its first bassinet was the broken wooden headpiece of the cow? At birth it would have cloven feet, stubs for horns, and light gray skin, as the cattle on Crete are a breed ranging from dark gray to charcoal gray, unlike the white of the unique Cretan Bull.

It was hated and feared and taught every negative thing it could have been taught. It takes a man to not become a monster.


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