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Rosia Krava – minotaur battle master fighter

I’ve had a cow fighter in the works for a while, and this week’s minotaur CDC gave me the impetus to finish putting together the character concept and design a picture. I didn’t really like any of the available bull heads (plus she’s a cow), so I went and made my own. Dinosaur companion head comes through again. It does help that I grew up on a dairy farm and have plenty of cow references to work with. I don’t know if D&D minotaurs are allowed to be Holsteins but I’m going with it. She’s pretty beefy (lolololol). I wonder if people will be able to tell that she’s female. I actually looked up minotaur boobs while researching what this character should look like. There’s been quite a bit of discourse on the subject. If anybody’s wondering, I’m going with chest boobs because of the human-type torso. I’m also assuming she doesn’t have four stomach compartments. I can’t decide if I like this chest armor or not. Now I’m taking a break to look up “cow” in every language on Google translate because I can’t think of a name for her. I think I’ll stick with this armor. It doesn’t look too bad with this nice skirt thing we’ve got going on. The proportions are actually working out nicely on this one. Coming up with spots without going crazy is a bit challenging, but when you blow up the splotchy insignia they don’t look so much like someone threw a bucket of paint at her. If anybody’s wondering, “krava” means cow in a number of eastern European languages. I think she can be hanging out in a rocky mountain setting. Oh she needs an eartag too. And here we go with a bit of shading and she’s done.

In a society that values strength and combat prowess above all, being smaller than one’s contemporaries is often equated with weakness. Rosia has always sought to defy that expectation and assert her place in the pecking order, developing an aggressive personality, a strategic approach to combat, and an aversion to being pushed around.

After doing her time in the gladiatorial arenas, and having no interest in sea raiding (at least partly because she gets seasick whenever she steps onto a boat), Rosia struck out to make her own fortune and prove her worth to the wider world. Even though she towers over most of her new companions, that drive to prove herself and demand respect has stayed with her. She rarely lets a challenge pass unanswered, and her favorite way to size up new acquaintances is through an arm-wrestling match. The one thing she loves more than fighting is food, and woe unto him who stands between her and something she wants to eat.