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Genevra – half-elf archfey/chain warlock

Someday I’ll do a picture where the proportions all just work out and I don’t have to do a bunch of second-guessing and resizing and wondering if the arms still look janky or not. I did have fun on this one going through categories and pulling out stuff to put in her collection of critter parts. Not having to deal with legs is also nice. When in doubt, add more trees. I don’t feel like doing shading on this one and I’m okay with that.

Genevra has spent most of her life enduring suspicious glances and derision from those around her, first as the child of an interracial couple, and later as the ward and apprentice of the old crone who saved her life when she and her parents were stricken with a horrible illness. The girl and the crone, similarly pockmarked as survivors of the sickness and choosing to live as outlanders, were labeled as witches and weathered years of abuse before the local folk finally turned on them out of fear and ignorance. In the ensuing confrontation, the feeble old woman was killed while Genevra managed to escape.

As Genevra subsequently wandered in search of a new home, her appearance and eccentricities drew attention and epithets of “witch” and “hag” wherever she went. She eventually took up residence in an abandoned hut near a coastal village, where as always she was regarded with suspicion by the superstitious locals.

One evening, amid the first gales of an oncoming storm, a mysterious stranger came to the hut seeking shelter. Genevra took the old man in and offered what comfort she could. A few hours later a pounding at the door broke through the sounds of the raging storm. A group of panicked and irate townspeople confronted Genevra, accusing the “hag” of calling down the storm upon them. As Genevra angrily struggled against them, the mysterious visitor revealed himself as an archfey lord and offered her the chance to actually control the storm. As the years of repressed frustration finally found their outlet, Genevra accepted the powers he bestowed on her and used them to bring the fury of the storm down on her attackers.

In the aftermath, Genevra had to come to terms with both the sudden rush of power and the shock of intentionally taking lives for the first time. Her new patron, having recognized both her innate benevolence and the bottled-up desire to lash out at the world, was quite interested to see what she would do with the powers he had granted. As she moves onward, becoming accustomed to actually being the witch others had always imagined her to be, it remains to be seen which side of her nature will prevail.