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G. W.

The Minotaur: Like Eagle and Chameleon, the Minotaur was one of very few experiments in the first series of the Rebew Corporation’s top secret program “Project P” (a series of experiments in creating super-humans through a combination of genetic modification, serums and other methods) to survive. At a fairly young age, he and five other experiments called the Eagle, the Chameleon, the Mongoose, the Dragon, and Fireball escaped. A fifth, called the Monkey, helped them escape, but was killed by the guards in the process. The six escapees parted ways shortly after. Dragon flew off to be on his own. Mongoose was accidentally cut off from the rest. Finally, the Minotaur and Fireball grew bitter with society after an encounter with some ordinary humans did not end well for anyone involved. While Chameleon and Eagle pressed onward, hoping to find someone willing to help them, Fireball and Minotaur began walking in the opposite direction, trying to avoid human contact and eventually settling in a cave in the mountains. Occasionally, Fireball went down to a human town looking for supplies to buy, borrow or steal (Fireball looks like an ordinary human). Mostly, however, they kept to themselves, living off of what they could find. Then, one harsh Winter day, while in a human town, Fireball took pity on some children in the streets. He reasoned that the children were just children, and thus were innocent. He piled some sticks in a fashion appropriate for a fire, and, using his powers, lit them. However, someone saw him doing this, and, misinterpreting his intentions, the town rallied against him, chasing him into the mountains. The Minotaur saw the people chasing him, but it was too late. Out of self defense, Fireball had begun using his powers against the people, trying to miss them and thus scare them away, and, when that failed, began aiming to kill them. This prompted one man to take a gun and shoot fireball in the chest twice, and the Minotaur’s only friend dropped to the ground, dead. Now, the Minotaur is angry, occasionally rushing down the mountains to raid human towns, and to kill the people whom he felt had wronged him. His only human contact is a young man who occasionally brings him supplies he cannot obtain either in the mountains or in most towns. His ultimate goal, however, is specifically to bring down the Rebew Corporation.

The Minotaur has the powers of enhanced speed, greatly enhanced stamina and endurance, super strength, and, of course, his horns.

Note: I fiddled with the helmet a bit, since I wanted him to wear a helmet (mostly because I wasn’t able to find a face that would work for him, particularly in terms of eyes), but wasn’t able to find something that didn’t make him look ridiculous, and this was the closest I could get to not looking ridiculous. Also, I am aware that traditional minotaurs have a full bull’s head, I just don’t understand why someone would specifically design a superhuman to have the full head of a bull. Finally, I actually had this idea long before this week’s CDC, and just decided to go through with it now.

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