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Head of the Mason Corporation (one of the world’s largest banking, investment and insurance conglomerates), Charles Mason is a mathematical genius and a billionaire. His exceptional mathematical skills and calculated risks saw him make his fortune on the stock market before buying out a number of companies himself and taking them public, further increasing his fortune. Like many on Wall Street, he is fairly withdrawn from the public eye, which is useful as he also hides a dark secret. Mason is the chairman of Criminal Enterprises, a criminal organisation run like a business. The premise is simple, the board (made up of some of the foremost criminal masterminds in the country) contract out work to lower order criminals, who recieve upgraded equipment and tech, as well as a “wage” in exchange for CE taking a cut of any jobs. Criminal Enterprises also makes money through playing the stock market, influencing stock prices illegally, through sabotage, murder and other nefarious means.

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