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Rando Calpurnian – gnome shadow monk

This character came about because I thought it would be fun to randomly roll for everything (race, class, background, gender, alignment…) and then come up with a character concept and backstory that made it all work. It ended up being an entirely non-optimized character (especially once you factor in his entirely mediocre stat rolls) that I think would be super fun to play. Building the image itself mostly revolved around trying to angle his body one way while his head looks the other way. The head part came out very well (especially once I traded in the standard male heads for the bottom half of the dual-conehead alien head), but I wish the chest didn’t look so flat. Super simple background and some shading and we’re calling it good.

Rando is a devoted but largely inept minion of an evil and powerful mage who would totally take over the world if he weren’t so focused on outdoing the rival evil powerful mage on the neighboring cliff. Rando wants nothing more than to be a super badass ninja and serve his master well, but since he’s not good at much of anything, he’s pretty much only survived this long because he relies on his fellow minions to bail him out or just straight up hides until danger passes (and then congratulates himself on his stealthiness).

Rando’s master appreciates his loyalty and determination, but as the HR complaints begin stacking up, he decides that it might be a good time to send the gnome out on a solo mission of great importance. He gives Rando a list of different targets and instructs him to collect a button from each one, to be used as ingredients in an incredibly powerful and diabolical spell. There’s a lot about this that Rando doesn’t understand, but he will do his absolute best to follow his master’s wishes to the letter. And if this entire thing is just a pointless fetch quest designed to get him out of the castle for a while, it never even crosses his mind.