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With W.I.L.D being a global organisation, operating with singlular teams covering the entire world was not feasible. Therefore bases where established in major cities in each continent and operatives where recruited to serve in their regional variant of either A Division or Strike Force. The only countries that did not opt-in to this plan where Russia and China, who sought to control their own superhuman response operations. The first of these bases was set up in Brussels, Belgium, and became the centre of operations for the European versions of W.I.L.D’s primary response teams.


Vadasz- Tamas Kovacs (Hungary)
Freyja- Signe Jansson (Sweden)
Atlas- Yiannis Giannopoulos (Greece)
EiserneJungfrau- Melisa Meier (Germany)
Ardiente- Carlos Garcia (Spain)
Velocite- Camille Mercier (France)

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