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Ember – human fiend/tome warlock

This one sat in limbo as a head and torso for weeks because I could not for the life of me come up with a pose idea that I was happy with. It’s still pretty simplistic, but I think it gives an idea of the kind of person she is (namely the kind of person you should not mess with). I made my own feudal city streets and I think that came out okay. Actually considering the amount of time I spent angsting over what to do with it, the actual image didn’t take that much work to put together. 😀 It’s always kind of a challenge wondering if I should add more distinctive details to something, like should I include the weaponry she’d be carrying around with her? Does her black leather outfit need more straps or something? But then after determining that sticking shivs in her boots looks kind of doofy, I end up going with the simple look and calling it good.

Once there was a little girl who had to leave her home with her family. They found a new home, living in tents outside the walls of a city. There was a certain tension in the air, but her mommy and daddy loved her very much and did their best to keep her happy.

And then the world burned down in one night.

Amid the screaming and the flames, as the refugees from her village fell around her, for the first time in her young life she discovered true hatred. She can still see the face of a man laughing at her, and feel the jagged blade slicing through her throat.

As she slipped toward darkness, a voice came to her. “Do you want to survive?” it asked. She whispered… “Yes…” and so she did.

Years would pass before she realized the true import of that question. But when she did, she readily accepted the pact that she had unwittingly forged with her dark patron. Accustomed as she is to living in the shadows, caring only for her own well-being, she intends to put her patron’s powers to good use. For herself, and for no one else.