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After being in a coma for several months,Seraph awoke to find the magic wars well underway and was horrified by the actions the Keeper (and others) had committed in her name. Rather than stay with the Keeper, she chose to leave, wanting no part in the chaos that had hurt so many. The Keeper was left heartbroken and unsure of her next course of action.

The magic wars came to an end soon after when Shaman broke into the tunnels and catacombs beneath the Keeper’s headquarters, the nightclub Avalon. Over her long life, the Keeper had tracked down and defeated many powerful and dangerous creatures and locked them away, safeguarding them from mankind and safeguarding mankind from them. Here, Shaman discovered an ancient entity calling itself “the Promethean flame”.

Claiming to be the original fire, stolen from the gods by Prometheus, the creature convinced Shaman that if he freed it, it could end the magic wars. Shaman was desperate for an end to the fighting and for revenge on the Keeper for the death of his wife. He agreed to release the creature, not knowing that its eternity of imprisonment had driven the Promethean flame insane. It hated its jailer with a passion that made Shaman’s hatred seem insignificant. As Shaman began the spell to release the ancient being, the Keeper arrived.

The two sorcerers fought through the catacombs in one final battle until Shaman gained the upper hand by using an illusion of Seraph to distract his opponent. The heartache of her friend abandoning her was still fresh in the Keepers mind and the illusion proved enough of a distraction to give Shaman the chance to knock his opponent out.

The Keeper woke to find Shaman gone and her world in flames. Avalon was burning as the Promethean flame destroyed everything it touched. The Keeper knew that she had already expended too much energy to fight the malevolent creature. But more importantly….she didn’t want to. She was tired. So tired of the fighting and the pain of life. Filled with regret for her actions during the magic wars, for the pain and suffering she had caused others, The Keeper accepted the inevitable.

The flames of Avalon were seen for miles around in the night sky and many local heroes arrived, attempting to douse the flames, unaware of its magical nature. Seraph and Nevermore managed to fight their way through the fire to find the Keeper on her ‘throne’ in the heart of Avalon surrounded by the encroaching Promethean flame. Nevermore tells of how she smiled gently at them both before being engulfed by the flames.

The building began to collapse, blocking their path to the Keeper. Nevermore was knocked unconscious by falling debris, catching one last glimpse of the woman he loved as she burned. Reports of what happened after this are unclear but Seraph was seen flying from the burning remains of Avalon with a charred body in her arms.

The locals tell tales about this night. About the death of a legend and the angel that carried her to heaven.

The Promethean Flame managed to slip away while everyone tried to save Avalon. The malevolent flame found itself drawn to disturbed arsonist who had named himself Prometheus. The same Prometheus was already inadvertently responsible for the formation of the Nowhere Kids and a series of arson attacks. Prometheus worshiped fire like it was a god so when The Promethean Flame spoke to him, he didn’t even hesitate to offer himself to it. The flame took Prometheus as a host, burning him physically and mentally and creating an unimaginably destructive threat to all who crossed their path.

The Promethean Flame

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