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Herr D

“This piece for auction at Bastahr’s is a rare find, indeed. A pack clasp from the rations pack of an unnamed member of the famed Diving Dragon Squadron survived the fiery crash of its owner somehow, and was collected by an orphan near the crash site at the close of battle. It is made of tempered firebrass with inlaid red mica shards, onyx florets, spell-brazed copper, and a single faestone gem. No additional information on the methods of those warriors for mastering the elements of fire and air has been uncovered. The provenance has been updated to confirm that the last three owners’ deaths in fiery accidents have had no connection to ownership of this piece. The asking price has been lowered, and it will be auctioned at sunset tonight.”–Bastahr spokesman, by means of bespelled pedestal-respeaker.

*boot for mouth and clasp frame, shoulder piece for head, and hilt deco as eye.

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