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Formerly the Super-villain duo Sugar & Spice, Emily Reed and Lucina Stamford were a formidable pairing. Specializing in bank rooberies, Emily (as Sugar) would use her emotion manipulation powers to pacify witnesses whilst Lucina (as Spice) would use her heat creation powers to break into vaults and safe boxes. Through their careers they have had run-ins with numerous heroes, such as The Angels, Outsider Investigations and the Eagle siblings. However, it was after they got in too far over their heads working a job for Overlord that put them directly in conflict with W.I.L.D that forced them to reconsider their actions. Sent to steal from the god-like Rahl during his conflict with A Division, the duo barely escaped with their lives (as was probably the intention of their benefactor) and retired from super-villainy all together, now instead running a restaurant and underground information brokerage service.

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