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I see what you mean about the depth of the backdrop, and I also am not really sure what to do about that aside from throwing in more clutter to hopefully show that the ground is stretching out behind them. I think the angle of the brownie’s shadow does help indicate that he’s standing next to the fire and not behind the rest of the main scene. The mushrooms could probably be scaled down slightly for perspective but I think I’ve done enough fussing with the mushrooms. 😀

That’s probably the case for most of the stuff that isn’t quite perfect. Trillian’s sleeves kind of are what they are because they go along with the robe and I reckoned it would be more of a pain than it was worth to try to scale down half of each sleeve. I’m not happy with how oversized her right hand is, but it has to be that way to not clip into the cup (since there isn’t a hand pose at that angle with a more relaxed grip). So I just let stuff like that slide and focus on how fun my pixies are. 😀

I do appreciate the suggestions and constructive criticism, though. And of course it’s always nice to hear about the things that people particularly like. 🙂