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Trillian – elf grassland druid

You know how sometimes you have a concept that sounds pretty good, and then you start trying to create it, and it turns out to be more complicated than you planned, even though you probably should have expected that from the beginning? And you go from working out a kneeling pose that you hope doesn’t look stupid and blending in sleeve bits to constructing not one but three additional characters, all of whom of course need to have nontraditional poses and body angles that don’t exist in the available assets. At least the dragon came in a nice convenient chunk. And then you spend a bunch of time searching for mushrooms and end up making them out of alien heads and combat helmets. And then you need to work out a sky that’s dusk but not too dusk, and shade everything off of a campfire at varying angles, because nothing can be easy. And eventually the whole thing pays off and you end up with a pretty darn nice picture.

Updated picture:

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Trillian was raised within a circle of druids in the grasslands, and upon reaching adulthood she was apprenticed to the caretaker of an isolated nature shrine. When the elder passed away, Trillian began what would become a centuries-long tenure as the shrine’s solitary guardian. Over time she developed the shrine into a kind of rest stop where travelers could find some comfort on their way through the otherwise uninhabited wilderness, and her habit of taking an animal form when visitors stopped by led to a local legend of an animal spirit who guarded the shrine.

Not far from the shrine was a spot framed by fairy rings where a portal to the Feywild would sometimes appear. Although Trillian had many times been tempted to venture into the Feywild, her devotion to the shrine always prevailed. The portal allowed her to meet some of the fey denizens of that realm, though, and she had made many friends over the years.

Shortly after her 400th year at the shrine, calamity struck. A malignant force emerged through the portal and attacked the shrine, intent on obtaining a powerful artifact housed there. Trillian was powerless to prevent the destruction and desecration of the shrine, but she was able to escape with the artifact thanks to the intervention of her fey friends. They ushered her to safety within their realm, where she remained for some time before deciding it was time for her to return to “her” world. At something of a loss now that her purpose in life has been destroyed, she is currently seeking a new purpose and continuing to try to protect and keep secret the artifact she carries with her.