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Captain Medusa Herring – tabaxi swashbuckler rogue

I came up with this character just this past weekend, and once I finished with Rhojhan I decided to see what I could put together for her design. I had some basic concepts in mind, and then it was a matter of poking around the available items and picking out things I liked. Considering that I basically had one furry body object to work with, the body elements came together quite well. (I did have to use a non-furry hand to hold the rapier, because arms don’t bend that way, but it’s not like you can tell the difference.) Fun fact: Her muffin top is made of a leg and two shoulders.

To hear her tell it, Medusa is an enterprising pirate captain who left home in search of adventure and fortune and would still be living the high life on the open seas if she hadn’t been swindled out of her ship and deserted by her good-for-nothing crew. What she wouldn’t tell you is that she was run out of her home for stealing from pretty much everybody, and she lost her ship and crew after trying to swindle a hag (which is never a good idea). So until her fortunes turn back around, she’s living the wanderer’s life, taking what she can get (away with) and letting her bad reputation do (most of) the talking.