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Rhojhan Stormcloud – dragonborn tempest cleric

So not all of my D&D characters are female, right? Two of them are dudes. So why not do one of them next for something a little different? And hey, why not do the dragonborn while we’re at it? I mean there must be some good dragonborny options to work with, right? And we can have him doing his shirtless flexing thing he likes to do, ’cause he’s hot stuff, and we’ll just figure out the scales and claws and I dunno horns and whatever other lizardy things along the way… Wait, what do dragonborn even look like? Do they have horns? Can I just make him look like an Argonian? Why do I keep insisting on angled poses? Oh hey dinosaur companions. We might actually be able to make this work! *an hour or two later* Well that wasn’t as hard as I thought it might… wait, hmm, he looks kind of like a seahorseman… Maybe the fin mohawk isn’t such a good idea… Should I shorten his snout? *looks up dragonborn art on Google* Well that isn’t what he looks like at all. Ooh hey these little horns look pretty good. And here’s some other horns. And if I mask these eyes onto these other eyes and layer that over the eyes I started with he’ll have actual dragony eyes and yeah that looks boss. I remember some splotchy things that were kind of like scales… oh hey yeah they look awesome! I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun plastering these little tiny things all over his massive muscular torso and arms. Okay so now to make his neck not look so weird. Hey, this is actually looking pretty good. Oh gawd, do I have to do all of these things? Okay fine, I’ll get bedazzling. Dammit, sexy dragon man, why must you have so much real estate? I should make people do that thing where you have to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar except it’s how many of these freckle dealies or whatever this thing is are on my dragon man. Spoilers, it’s more than 47 ’cause that’s what I just passed. This description of my process is gonna come out real punchy. I wonder if anybody’s gonna read all this before just skipping down to the picture. Yay, that’s done. Throw on some storm-themed background elements, I know there’s lightning around here somewhere, there we go. Not going crazy on shading this one, just trust me he’s super buff. Let’s give him his weapon and shield for ambience. Okay maybe a little bit of shading. And the standard looking for stuff to tweak, annnnnd… he’s done! *collapses*

And that, friends, is what happens when Cille decides she’s gonna make a dragon man. *sings Trogdor song*

Ever the alpha male, Rhojhan served as the brash frontman in tandem with his younger brother and wingman Bharash. When a woman came along who interested both of them, and she unexpectedly showed a preference for the more restrained younger brother, Rhojhan confronted Bharash about knowing his place. When Bharash became angry and defended himself, the altercation turned violent and Rhojhan lost control and killed his weaker brother. Refusing to accept responsibility or punishment for the murder, Rhojhan rationalized the entire thing as his brother’s fault for not standing aside. He wouldn’t stand to be condemned by his clan, so instead he left home and struck out to be his own man.

He gravitated toward a life on the sea, being constantly in motion away from whatever lay behind him and feeling a kind of kinship with the volatility of the ocean and the chaotic power of storms. When his ship was beset by a horrible storm and wrecked, Rhojhan pulled a crewmate away from a chunk of wood and allowed the hapless man to die in order to save himself. This pleased the storm god Talos, who appeared to Rhojhan and offered to save him if he would agree to serve him as a battle cleric. It was an easy choice for Rhojhan to make in the moment, and even after he had made it safely to shore and more thoughtfully considered the situation, he found himself feeling enthusiastic about being an agent of the storm itself. He adopted a new surname to replace the clan name he had already cast off, and has set out to remind the powerful and complacent of their relative puniness in the face of the true powers of Talos and his storm. He envisions himself as the harbinger of lightning and destruction, a warning against foolishly tempting the forces of chaos, a reminder that complacency and comfort can be upended in an instant – just as his old comfortable life was thrown into chaos by one argument.