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@Vengeance thanks! I love trying to shade flat objects to make them look 3D and the simple design I felt simply fit the character but I really dig it!


I agree that while it looks good, a lot of the detail just kind of blends in. Maybe more simple shading is in order… although to be fair, most of those layers are on his trident as I had a highlight and a shadow on every bead of his staff. I’ll also try a different line colour for the fish net. I don’t really ever change the line colour as I like the contrast that the black lines give to the background but then again the fishnet isn’t on the background so I’ll defin try it!

I see where you’re coming from with the perspective. I’m not that great at posing so it was kind of a basic attempt. I probably won’t bother fixing it but in future I’ll look at making them seem more accurate, perspective wise. Thanks for the input, I really do appreciate it!