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Isolt Graymantle – dwarf life cleric

I told myself I was going to take a break from these and then I had a cute idea for Isolt so of course I had to get right on it. Having a picture in your head to duplicate is great until you get to the part where you have to make the angling and proportions work. Arms seem to be my nemesis as far as proper proportions and positioning go, but at least the legs look pretty good. Someone please tell me if there’s a ring or donut shape in the item offerings because building those things out of circles was a pain in the wazoo. The magnifying glasses worked way better for the shield since I didn’t care about making the overlapping bits perfect. I find I spend a lot of time on details, like finding buckles for the leg armor and getting strands of hair in just the right place, but I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that if something annoys me every time I look at it, I’m better off taking the time to make it not annoy me. And eventually I get to the point where I can declare it done enough to post.

Never quite as strong, fierce, or good at fighting or smithing as her peers in their hill country community, Isolt was basically the kid who’s always picked last for kickball. After the local priest of Berronar Truesilver took her under his wing and began training her as an acolyte in the faith, she realized that if she could be the best healer ever then the fighters would let her join their hunting parties and sparring matches. Her plan worked, although after so many years of being left out she tends to overcompensate in her eagerness to be useful and appreciated.

Eventually Isolt’s mentor decided that it was time for her to get some experience out in the wider world, and she was sent forth to use her divine powers for good and bring the light of Berronar to the world. She treats her adventures as a sort of missionary pilgrimage, and continues to try to impress the people she meets with her prowess as a healer and protector en route to sharing the good news of Berronar and giving the deity credit for her abilities at every possible opportunity. As Berronar’s domain also includes marriage and home, Isolt also yearns for the day when she will find and marry her one true love, and she sizes up every male she meets for romantic potential. She has no idea who Berronar has picked out for her, but she’s sure she’ll find him if she just looks hard enough.