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Aphrodite (Venus) has probably learned the least of all The Mortal Gods in their endless cycle of mortal lives. She’s nearly as arrogant and petty as she ever was back in her days of full godhood. Only now she has a small army of social media followers, a burgeoning music career and a reality TV show inflating her ego. Much the annoyance of the other Mortal Gods.

Everyone who meets this goddess falls head over heels in love with her. Even the other gods. Only Athena, Artemis and Hestia are immune to her charms and Aphrodite and Athena have had many heated arguments about how the former should be more responsible with her power.

Eros, the Mortal Gods’ other love god has a love hate relationship with Aphrodite who sees him both as competition and a challenge. Aphrodite is often the one who stirs up drama between the other gods while Eros is often the one who plays peacemaker.

Aphrodite finds the other gods amusing but often tries to stay out of their more “super-heroic” activities. Despite her dismissive and arrogant nature though, Aphrodite does love the other Mortal Gods and when they’re in real danger, she will always come to their aid.


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