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And because I know you were all wondering, here’s a backstory for goofy hobbit man. 😀

Milo Tosscobble and his trusty horse Bobbin have made quite a name for themselves as “the most reliable hoss ‘n’ cart in three counties.” Despite the halfling’s diminutive stance, he is an able hauler and handler of his sturdy steed. On this particular day, his usual humdrum routine of bringing goods to market was preempted by an engagement from a fancy lady who wanted to take a trip to meet up with someone she called an “academic contact.” They struck up amicable conversation along the way, and it turned out she was a bard on the way to some adventure or other. He took the opportunity to teach her every halfling song he knew, excepting of course the most bawdy. He’s back to his usual business now, but his fancy customer will make for entertaining fencepost stories for a good long while.