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The ice and snow controlling Agent Winter is a childhood friend of Nightingale and the second in command of the shadowy agency known as Union Black, an off the books organization which exists to protect the United Kingdom from any and all threats by any means necessary. Winter is far more popular among the agents of Union Black than their commanding officer and many believe she would make a better leader. Winter has no desire for such responsibility though and much prefers to be an active field agent.

During one operation in the United States, Winter “acquired” (stole) technology from the reclusive inventor Paul Ashmore, father of the late hero Gecko. Winter stole the same prototype tech that Ashmore had granted his sons friend Salamander which allowed her to climb on walls and other surfaces. Another agent who later witnessed Winter crawling around the ceiling like a spider nicknamed her The Winter Spider and the name stuck. This is only one of a number of names she has used over the years in the service of Union Black. She is a highly trained and highly competent spy and is more than capable of battling and besting and super powered opponents she may run into.

Winter is by far and away one of Union Black’s most loyal operative. She believes entirely in their mission to protect the UK and will go to any lengths to complete her mission.

Agent Winter (The Winter Spider)

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