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The mysterious blind man known only as Mister X is sometimes fixer, sometimes hitman. People pay him huge amounts of money to do their dirty work for them, whatever that may be. He’ll make a problem go away, either via blackmail or straight up murder.

It was recently revealed that Mister X was actually the one who framed the original Trickshot for murder, after being contracted by Vox. Rather than being upset that he had been exposed, Mister X was thankful for the publicity and his business reputation has only grown with the added attention the whole thing has given him.

Unfortunately for Mister X, he has also gained the attention of Alexander Franco, the new Trickshot and Franco will not allow the fixer to go unpunished.

Mister X is ready for Trickshot though, he may be blind but he is far from defenceless. He is a master martial artist and is alarmingly talented with all sorts of weapons, just like Trickshot.

Mister X misdirects his opponents like no one else but Trickshot is motivated by a need for revenge and if the two should ever meet, only one of them is likely to make it out of the confrontation alive.

Mister X

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