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Christi S

I would be more than happy to receive multiples of any of these!


1. Your take on any of the characters in this post: . Interpret them however you like based on whats there!

2. An ‘issue #3’ installment of the webcomic linked in my signature. You can use any of the characters from the first item on my list or any of the characters in issues #1 & #2, or you can use original characters of your own! Just try to somewhat mimic the format of the previous issues and continue the story from where I left it in whatever direction you think it should go! Bonus if it includes any seasonally-relevant holiday theme!

3. A pose from the perspective of looking up at the figure, either as though they were standing on a glass floor above the viewer or entering the scene from above (falling/flying) feet-first, etc. Please include the text for these.

4. Any method of doing a scene in which it is raining on HM. Does not necessarily need to include people or even much scenery, though all the better if it does, and can even be as simple as a blank sky and flat ground. Its just something I’ve always struggled to figure out how to do well so I would like to see some techniques of other people’s. Please include text for these.

5. Any piece involving showing a character’s reflection in an imperfect surface. So no mirrors. But windows, water, etc. are awesome!