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Guys! I finally finished it!

I normally spend a couple of days on a character, max, but this guy..or guys,I guess, has taken weeks and I’m now thoroughly sick of the sight of him.


Nathan James Hunter has been with me for a long time under various different names and is definitely one of my top five favourite characters. He has used his power to replicate himself in service to the United States military as a special ops team under the code name Legion. When he was discharged from the military for reasons that are still classified, he put his skills to use as a bodyguard with mixed success.

Throughout these careers, Nathan’s duplicates have died multiple times. As Nate reabsorbs his duplicates and all of their knowledge after they die, he has memories of every death. The combined mental weight of these deaths (not to mention some mental conditioning by his former handlers) has driven him somewhat crazy. He is the living embodiment of multiple personality disorders and frequently bickers with his own clones, whether they exist in the real world or only in his own head.

Recently, Nathan went through the biggest trauma of his life when the “real” Nate seemed to die. His consciousness seemed to transfer to the nearest clone but it through Nate into an even deeper existential crisis that he had ever been in and he now questioned the very nature of his existence.


It took several months for Nate to come to some sort of realisation that he and his clones weren’t different entities. They were the same person, equally the “real” Nate. It was a realisation that allowed him to regain some semblance of sanity.

With this realisation came a desire for a new start.Nate had been a lot of things over the years. A soldier, a spy, a bodyguard. But he had never really been a true hero.

He could be though.

He had a chance for a new start. A new life. He adopted the new name of Replay to reflect this new life and put his powers to use protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves.

…..So far it’s been an unmitigated disaster but there’s still time.


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