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“Can you tell me a story?”

“I don’t feel like telling you any story Karen. Go to sleep.”

“Please? Your my big brother.”

“Fine. Have you ever heard of Nerliak? It’s a skeleton that wears a mask now sleep.”

“What does he do Brian?”

“Hmm. It arrives to collect skin an body parts, but he can’t get in unless it sees brown.”

“That’s stupid.”

“Do you want a story or not?”

“Mhm I do.”

“Than be quiet. Listen, it’s old very old from like the dinosaurs time. In fact it is what killed them, for their skin. It liked how tough they were. It didn’t like the color brown until humans came, because it reminds him of blood when it dries up. It likes dried blood on skin, dried skin it eats them like chips. If your door is brown it comes in and finds you, it sits on your couch and makes you wake up to check on the smell coming from the living room. AND THEM HE KILLS YOU!”

“I don’t like that story!”

“Well you wanted a story didn’t say happy. Stop crying and sleep.”

Later that night the little girl still awake in fear looks upon her window to see a strange fog with a light emitting from it.


“What are you doing in my room ? Go back to your room.”

“You were wrong. He is very nice! He has pretty blue eyes and orange fingers and he is very hungry. He asked me to come in for food and I made him a PB and J but he didn’t want it.”

“Ugh fine I’ll play what did it want?”

“He doesn’t like being called an it Brian. His name wasn’t Nerlaik. It’s grandpa!”

“G.. Grandpa died.”

“He came back to say hi! OH! Mommy and Daddy are with him now. He had to eat them so we could all play.”

Brian sits up and peers to his door with squinted eyes and sees his little sister standing in the doorway with something in her hand and a figure in the back. He turns his light on to see better.

“Now it’s time for you to play with us too!”

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