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Herr D

Having a terrible time with time IRL. Twice in a row now the entry I’ve tried to get to make was postponed till 2am Sat. night at work between tasks. (70+hr weeks needed at work and squidling needs multiplied) My morning commute home (No pic posting allowed at work) puts me online just minutes after 9am these days.

. . . “I can’t get no—satisfaction! . . . ”

Ah, well, enough self-pity. These are my incomplete entries. The Golden Forest contest resulted in some incomplete watch chains for no entries. If not for speed limits and traffic, I’d have won as the only entry, such as it was. I doubt I’d have fared well against the entries I’ve been allowed to check out, but my Red Halo has the following thought process behind it.

In angel lore, some of the sidelined, non-canonical Judeo-Christian texts, red is the color of offensives (pro-activeness) and is linked through some traditions to fire and earth. On an unrelated note, there were more than four wheel-angels designated for the chariot of God–very powerful angels linked to big miracles. So . . . God invented the lateral departmental transfer, right?

When you mix fire and earth for an element, you might reasonably get glass. The first ever fifth wheel saw a need as the population grew and transportation diversified. ‘Red’ volunteered to boost the situational grace at times when certain guardian angels just didn’t have the oomph, and the Angel of Death wasn’t supposed to come for their charges. He makes the miracles, shifting the cars and environment like toys. He would be linked to St. Francis, patron saint of travelers, I think, and all those cases where people shouldn’t have survived their car accidents. Here we have ‘Red Halo’ using a bit of power to shave some velocity off both vehicles in the coming impact that jackknifed a trailer into a water tower and didn’t QUITE knock it down and kill the thirty nearest people. It was the only elegant solution to the required outcome that the timeless being happened to figure out.

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