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This farm boy gained the incredible ability to manipulate gravity in his vicinity after stumbling across an illegal experiment under his family’s land which Comet was attempting to put a stop to. After being caught in a blast that almost killed him and destroyed the machinery being used in the experiment.

Heath awoke several days later in a specialist AEGIS hospital, learning that their had been some strange phenomenon happening around him while he slept. Specifically shifts in gravity.

Comet arrived soon after and offered to help him learn to control these developing new powers in a responsible way. The people in charge wanted him locked away, not trusting someone with such a powerful ability not to mess up the entire planet.  Comet’s promise to keep him from causing harm carried a lot of weight though and he was allowed to train him. Heath didn’t really want to get involved with superheroes but it was either that or spend the rest of his life locked away.

After this, the newly christened G-Force found himself drawn into a lot of Comet’s adventures. Despite his early reluctance, he actually grew to enjoy his new life and made a name for himself as a happy and friendly young hero.

G-Force has quickly become one of the world’s most powerful heroes but some believe he had great power thrust upon him too quickly and one day, his inexperience will lead to disaster.


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