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well While I’m waiting …


the last I mentioned my toes were going gangrenous.


Well I had half of my foot amputated.

I was in fairly good spirits. I mean there are marathon runners who run races on the spring prosthesis right?


So I handled that OK.


was in a nursing home for physical therapy for 20 days in March.


Then I had a minor heart attack in June, it was a small artery that basically was too small for surgery, so was dealt with by additional meds.


Actually come to think of it, I think I told ya’ll abuot that already ..

OK, NOW the bad part …

I see I mentioned the “blisters” on my man parts, well twice ER doctors told me take antibiotics and put a certain cream on it (which I was later told ws basically for herpes.

The problem keept getting worse nd more painful, someone finally suggested I go to a Urologist.

My P3N!$ had went gangrenous and …

I had to have it almost all  …. amputated.

THaT was almost the test of my how much to I want to lie on this planet.


BUT I had it through to the other side The sun is still shining, flowers keep blooking, rain still falls, leaves still change color and come back in the spring, my wife still loves me. So I deal with it.


although, NOT completely all of the story. While I’m still having wound care check out my feet. I had my 4th toe on my left foot go from a small dry cut to go that dreaded word gangrenous and needing amputated in ONE DAY!!!! Friday is was relatively OK, Sat night when my wife went to ER cause she couldn’t breath, her Oxygen was at 60%. So I went down to ER, they admitted me to do dialysis the next day, then Friday for surgery.

So after Bre was at one end of the hall on 8th floor, I was at the exact opposite end of the  same florr.


From there we went back, well I went back, Bre went for the first time to Homestead for more physical therapy


and while there ..

Ummmm .. I had another small heart attack, cause they didn’t have a written prescription to give me sliding scale insulin BETWEEN mals, only AT meals.


So once I got back after they watched me at the hospital for 2 extra days and sent me back to Homsetead to be back with my wife and physical thereapy


well there were some more problems with the place, nurses giving me meds one night and the next night another nurse saying I don’t have that med, less than appetizing food, and a couple of other things.


so we are back home now


and despite it all, I am still a fairly happy guy who’s proud to be alive through all of this.

I think I had some brain cells go gangrenous leaving me in a pretty rainbow world full of unicorn and fairies.


Blessed Be