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Name: Rosa Campos
Alias: Scarlet
Speciality: Interrogation and Information Gathering

A former detective for the Policia Federal in Mexico, Rosa Campos spent 10 years fighting against some of the most hardened criminals in the world in her home country’s war on drugs and gang violence. Though she has no powers of her own, she is incredibly tough and trained in advanced interrogation techniques, as well as being bi-lingual (speaking both Spanish and English), trained in the use of firearms and being a champion fencer from her time in college. She left Mexico to help assist the FBI in their attempts to crack down on drug traffic across the boarder, but had to quit the job after her parents were murdered by a cartel back in Mexico. After being able to bring the rest of her family to America from Mexico, she joined the Outsider Investigations group as a way to put her law enforcement skills to good use helping people whilst also keeping her family safe from aggression from the cartels.

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