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This whack-job is even crazier than she looks.

For years, the mobster known as Babyface used Lullaby and her ability to sing others into a deep sleep to help him in his schemes. The odd couple robbed banks together with varied success. Sometimes they had great success and sometimes their plans didn’t work out. On those occasions, Lullaby was often the one to take the fall with Babyface more than willing to let her do so, often manipulating Lullaby into believing he still loved her after the fact.

Each time, Lullaby came back to her partner in crime. That was until he pushed her trust a little too far and left her for dead. Lullaby narrowly survived but she finally snapped and vowed to take revenge on Babyface for years of mistreatment.

She has now begun to establish her own criminal empire for the express purpose of competing with Babyface. If she happens to make some money at the same time then all the better.


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