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G. W.

The Wolf: Charles Canis (the only character who I came up with an alter ego for) was a soldier in World War II, stationed in Europe. On the way back to the U.S., his boat crashed onto an island, leaving Canis as the lone survivor. This island was, believe it or not, essentially a temperate forest. The island also had a ton of wolves. The first thing Canis did after taking a drink from a stream that ran off of the island was to build a shelter in the treetops to stay away from the wolves. Little known to him, the river granted its drinker immortality (though the effects are only on humans. He managed to avoid being bitten by the wolves for many decades. One day, his signal fire finally attracted attention from a boat bringing goods to Boston. Just as Canis was about to board, a wolf bit him. Unbeknownst to Canis, the wolves of the island had a bite which gave the person bit mostly controlled lycantrophy. However, when first bit, one does turn into a werewolf after a period of time. For Canis, the end of this period just happened to be shortly after the ship pulled into the harbor. The captain had actually been sent by the Swordsman, who knew about the island, and had heard that passing ships had seen smoke for decades, but none had come. The Swordsman spread rumors to keep anyone but his ships from going to the island. He told the “captain” to bring in Canis, hoping to, train him in controlling his lycantrophy if he had been bitten, and in using his immortality to do some good if not. So when Canis transformed, the “captain” shot him with a tranquilizer and summoned a portal to transport both himself and Canis to the Swordsman’s camp. The Wolf can control not just when he transforms, but how much he transforms (the transformed version attached is well over halfway along in the process, and is the form usually brought on in the first transformation, and a slightly less transformed form than the one brought on by sudden bursts of rage. Canis usually transforms just to the point of fangs and claws. A full transformation is a barely anthropomorphic wolf (unless the user of the power stays in full form for too long, in which case the user becomes a full on wolf forever.))

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