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G. W.

The Maple Warrior:

The Maple Warrior (I really need to come up with alter egos. And super names that aren’t terrible) is a Canadian supersoldier. In the ’90s, the Canadian government authorized a supersoldier program. The Maple Warrior happened to volunteer at just the right time, when the serum had been mostly perfected. Revealed to Canada, and the world in 2006, the Maple Warrior, in addition to having a spear and shield, has enhanced speed, immunity, and agility, and essentially has super strength and super endurance. He is also Canada’s representative to the Global Legion of Superheroes, a team of heroes from around the world created just a month after the Maple Warrior was revealed. The team defends the world from various major threats, and is devoted to spreading peace (this first one somewhat ironically), justice, freedom, and equality. Yes, I know that I need to work on his face. Please tell me how I can fix it, and my other faces. And while I have seen this sort of super-team in other forum topics, I got this idea before I saw those other topics.

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