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The current Cricket is not the original. The original was the son of the Ant Queen’s top engineer, Hopper, and the the brother of Leapfrog.

He wanted so badly to be a hero like his father and sister that he immediately decided to become a masked crime fighter when he discovered he shared the family’s ability to leap enormous heights.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t very good at this new job.

People called him a wannabe…a loser…a D-lister…a failure.

Eventually, his own self-doubt and the public ridicule got the better of him and The Cricket vanished. Not even his own family knew where he had gone. He left only a goodbye note and his costume.

Years later, another Cricket appeared. The younger brother of the original. Like his brother, this Cricket was initially not very good at the whole hero thing but instead of abandoning the identity, he trained and improved until he became an entirely capable her. Sure, he’s not quite A-list material yet but he’s getting there. He plans to honor the memory of his missing brother by continuing the name of The Cricket.

Unfortunately, the happy-go-lucky Cricket has attracted the attention of something malevolent. The Darkling has taken an interest in the rookie hero and his family, targeting them in a psychological war that will test them all.

What none of them currently realise is that the man beneath the Darkling’s mask is none other than the original Cricket. He has become so twisted by his own demons, so consumed by hate and jealousy that his own brother succeeded where he couldn’t, that he has become something terrible. He plots and schemes from the shadows to end everyone in the Ant Queen’s court and take revenge on everyone who ever mocked him.

The Darkling want’s to end his brother’s career as The Cricket but the young hero won’t give up easily. He has a resolve and a dedication that her brother never had.

He’ll need all of it.

The Cricket

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