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Christi S

That is confusing.

The only other things I can think of are colors and position.

If you previously colored an item from the same category, that will be applied to the next item you add from that category so after trying what I already suggested, if you still don’t see it, check to make sure its not a color thats just blending in or set to transparent or something.

Also, rotation/position is transferred onto the next item added from a category. Also, some items default position is relative to the position of items form other categories, I think (such as nose to head). Sometimes this effects different items significantly differently, such that the item could be coming in off-screen. Again, after trying all the previous steps, maybe try going to the Transform tab and click “reset” on the rotation and position to see if that makes it show up?

So sorry you’re having such a frustrating experience; hope this helps!