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Thank you AMS, I will definitely keep that in mind for next time!

My next hero:

Name: Patriot (USA’s National Hero)
Real Name: Shaun Baker
Age: 36
Alignment: Hero
Affiliation: IPF (International Protection Force)
Current Location: Dallas, Texas

Powers and Abilities:
Former Navy Seal’s commander, Shaun Baker, was severely damaged in combat and was forced to retire from combat. Luckily the government requested his presence as the pilot of the experimental X1 Battle Armour. When Shaun dons the armour he is able to produce devastating firepower from his helmet via the laser beam emitter. His helmet has a built-in heads up display and a powerful sonar pulse that can detect the presence of enemies in the near vicinity. Shaun is extremely durable when wearing the armour and as such he can withstand heavy damage from enemies in battle.

About the IPF:
The IPF are a group of superheros formed to keep the planet safe from large and dangerous threats. Each hero within the group represents a particular country.

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