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Sebastian Baker was originally created for a roleplaying game a long time ago. Since then, this super genius has had quite the life. He was recruited to join a government sanctioned program to train young meta-humans to use their powers responsibly. Upon being drafted into this project, he lived in the walls of a military base for weeks because he was so paranoid about the other kids around him. Eventually he got to know them and calmed down but was no less weird.

He invented prototype anti-gravity nanobots but accidentally injected them into his own bloodstream. Anyone else would be delighted to learn that they could now fly but Sebastian was terrified of heights so he hated it.

During Daybreak’s first rampage, Sebastian cobbled together a gun that launched the monster almost into orbit. Daybreak soon returned and Baz’s gun all but fell apart but he impressed many people with his invention.

Sebastian s probably best known, however, as the person who invented an experimental nanobot cluster that nullified the powers of any meta-human it infected. While his intentions for this tech were good and he was assured that it would only be used on criminals, he learned that it was actually being used on every meta-human who opposed the shady branch of the government who commissioned it. After learning this, Baz sent a kill code to all of the  nanobots in circulation and destroyed all of his research on the project. Rather than being forced to recreate the nanobots, Sebastian fled, hiding from his former employers.

During his time on the run, he met The Nowhere Kids. He helped the kids out and in return, they eventually helped him prove that his tech was being used for nefarious purposes and he was able to reclaim his life.

When Sebastian tried an experimental procedure to remove his own nanobots, something went wrong and he ended up in a coma for several months. It was during his coma that Baz learned his nanobots could now digitise his consciousness and send it wirelessly to nearby  devices. Sebastian effectively became much like an artificial intelligence inhabiting the digital world while his real body remained in a coma.  It took him a while to master but eventually Sebastian learned to use this new power to communicate with people.

It was Trance of the Watchguard who eventually managed to pull Sebastian’s mind back into his body and wake him up. Unfortunately, he learned that he had lost much of the functionality of his legs as a combination of the malfunctioning nanobots and being in a coma for so long.

Sebastian then struck upon the idea of creating a robotic body. Several actually. With these new bodies, Sebastian became much more confident than that paranoid young boy who hid in the walls.  Sebastian now tries his best to repay the Watchguard for their help by aiding them both in the field (with his favourite droid body, effectively a cyber ninja) and by providing their agents with advanced tech.

Of course these days he’s far more careful about how his tech is being used and has built in fail safes for all of his devices just in case someone ever thinks to misuse it. He has kept this a secret from the Watchguard however. He’s not entirely cured of his paranoia.


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