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Blue Blazer

Alias: Hook
Real Name: James Bartlett
Genre: Fairy Tale
Powers/Special Skills: expert fencer, marksman, and seafarer
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: mechanical arm with hook hand
Affiliations: The Jolly Roger
Other Aliases: Captain Hook
Status: active in the Book of Fables
The day that Captain Hook managed to murder Wendy Darling was truly a game changer. Peter Pan, the pirate’s long-time nemesis, went absolutely berserk. The flying boy captured Hook, ripped off his hook, and fed the pirate’s entire left arm to the same crocodile. Pan then assumed command of the Jolly Roger, brought the ship out to the deep ocean, and threw Hook overboard. Hook drifted for days, bleeding from his shoulder, until he was ultimately rescued by the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell, who had refused to follow Peter Pan on his dark road of revenge. They nursed the pirate back to health, but his will to continue living was nearly gone. He was a pirate with no crew, no ship, and no purpose. But as he lay in his bed in their underground den, the Lost Boys’ pure child-like innocence began to wear off on Hook, and he found himself humbled and eager to atone for his past crimes. The boys fashioned him a mechanical metal arm with a brand new hook to replace the one that Pan had taken from him, and for the first time in his adult life, the man who was born James Bartlett became a hero, putting his impressive swordsmanship to good use against evil. He knows the day will one day come when Hook must confront the now bloodthirsty Peter Pan.