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Herr D

“The Opposed” originally, “The Team,” are more than vigilantes, they are more of a powered citizens’ watch. They catch criminals in the act, subdue them without harm, and leave them unable to escape with evidence against them. Then they leave, summoning the authorities.

‘Dwight’ is a nickname for the Dragon Tattoo Without A Girl. It is an infiltrator, interrogator, and extra hand. ‘Lefty,’ a frequent amputee, has a regrowable and a psychic right hand. He is an infiltrator, undercover, defender, and expediter. ‘Splat’ is a skilled acrobat and a damage sponge. ‘Dorian’ is a new kind of healer as well as the team’s IT department. ‘The Magic Bullet’ is a tiny shape-changer. It is a sentient tool and the team’s informal leader and mascot.



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