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Blue Blazer

Alias: Holocaust
Real Name: Aksel Kohler
Powers/Special Skills: peak human strength and durability
Special Weapons/Skills/Armor: tank-like weapons/armor mechanical suit
Affiliations: The Fourth Reich
Other Aliases: Panzer
Status: at large
At one time, Aksel was a criminal on the streets of Berlin. What made him unique was his enormous size and strength, and his inexplicably vast arsenal of big guns. The notoriety went to Aksel’s already swollen ego, and he decided to become a masked supervillain called Panzer, after the German tank.

But Aksel was confronted by the German superhero Geist, and in the ensuing battle a chunk of a building fell and crushed Aksel’s legs, rendering him permanently wheelchair-bound as well as incarcerated for his crimes. But the nefarious Neo-Nazi Baron Brunwald and his followers had other plans for Aksel. After breaking him out of prison, Brunwald’s minion and genius scientist built Aksel an enormous mechanical suit outfitted with all manner of ballistic weaponry as well as nearly invincible armor. Now Aksel is free to continue his gleeful spread of chaos as a member of the Fourth Reich, now with the alias Holocaust.